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» »Talakadu: The Mini Desert in Karnataka

Talakadu: The Mini Desert in Karnataka

Written By: Akshatha Vinayak

"May Talakadu be filled with sand, let Malangi become whirlpool and Mysore Kings shall not have children", a curse by a lady named Allemelamma in the 16th century is said to have made Talakadu, a desert in Karnataka. Practically, it doesn't make sense for anyone. However, it is very strange for a place to be filled with sand on the banks of a river. Whatever it is, Talakadu's curse story has been a strong belief over the years.

Kirtinarayana Temple

Excavated Entrance of Keertinarayana Temple
Photo Courtesy: Sankara Subramanian

Interestingly, the place is filled with sand with no perfect scientific theory to explain the phenomenon; there are whirlpools near Malangi and Mysore Wodeyars haven't got a rightful heir from that generation.

Talakadu on the banks of river Kaveri is a mysterious spot in Mysore district. It is an ideal spot for weekend trips from Bangalore as it is around 140km and can be covered in a day.

Vaidyeshwara Temple

Vaidyeshwara Temple
Photo Courtesy: Dineshkannambadi

As you enter the place, you will feel surprised by small sand dunes and the river basin. One would be confused whether it is a river bank or a beach?!

Talakad is also popular for five Shiva temples, and a few other temples are said to be lying underneath the sand. The Pathaleshwara Temple, the Maruleshwara Temple, the Vaidhyeshwara Temple and the Mallikarjuna Temple are the Pancha-Lingas that represent the five faces of Lord Shiva.

Kaveri River Bank Talakadu

Kaveri River at Talakad
Photo Courtesy: Ashwin Kumar

Coracle rides in the Kaveri River is one of the fun things you should do here. Somanathapura and Shivanasamudra Falls are the major places to visit around Talakadu.

People are allowed to play in the water in Talakadu but in some areas, it is restricted. So, be careful not to go in the restricted parts as the river has many whirlpools. Changing rooms are also available for those who prefer to get into the water.

Coracles Talakdu

Coracles in Kaveri River
Photo Courtesy: Ashwin Kumar

If you want to stay in a resort nearby then head to Talakadu Jaladhama Resort which offers a lot of fun activities and a good accommodation.

Pack your bags and head towards the mysteriously fascinating 'Mini Desert of Karnataka'!

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