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St. Paul's Cathedral – An Architectural Marvel in Kolkata!

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Kolkata is one of the places in India that;s famous for its culture, history and heritage. With some lovely architectural wonders to flaunt, the city also has some of the best churches in India. Let us know more about St. Paul's Cathedral in Kolkata.

St. Paul's Cathedral is rich in its history, culture and religious relevance. Being of the major landmarks of the city, the church sees thousands of visitors every year from across the globe.


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The church is one of the finest examples of buildings built using Gothic Revival style of architecture. Though the cornerstone of the church was laid in 1839, the structure was complete only by 1847. St. Paul's Cathedral, the largest cathedral in Kolkata, is also the first cathedral that was built in the overseas territory of the British Empire.

The church has a close resemblance to the Norwich Cathedral in England. Though the structure had witnessed earthquake twice and ruined partially, the structure was soon rebuilt to the cathedral we see today.


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It is believed that the church was built to replace St. John's Church due to the increasing European population in the city. Designed by the famous English architect Major W. N. Forbes, the church is a beautiful piece of art with its slender vertical piers, pointed arches and counterbalancing buttresses.

The interiors of the church has depictions of the life of Saint Paul in pictures, posters and other documents that portray his holy deeds. The ambience of the church is soothing and allows you to stay at peace with yourself, forgetting the noise and chaos around you. A special meditation point has been set up in the church for those who wish to meditate.


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How to Reach St. Paul's Cathedral in Kolkata

Locating the church is quite easy, as it is close to Victoria Memorial, another landmark of the city. Here is how to reach Kolkata by road, rail and air.

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