» »Spider Smitten? Head to Kodumon Chilanthi Ambalam in Kerala!

Spider Smitten? Head to Kodumon Chilanthi Ambalam in Kerala!

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The legends of temples are endless in India. Each temple has a story from the mythology related to it. Similarly, there are several temples with unique powers. Kodumon Chilanthi Ambalam is one such temple in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala.

This temple has an interesting story behind it that is related to King Ravindran Vikraman who was the King of Chenneekkara Swaroopam, a sovereign state of Kerala. The King was also a renowned Ayurvedic physician who had three daughters and no male heir. Since there was no male to whom he could pass the healing powers, he decides to bury all the traditional herbs and other medicines around the palace before he dies.

Kodumon Chilanthi Ambalam

Kodumon Chilanthi Ambalam

After this incident, the glorious times of the palace ended and tragedies started taking place one after the other. The eldest daughter of the King died of small pox and the second daughter had a sad untimely death. The third daughter then started meditating in her palliyara (royal chamber) and it is believed that a spider was always seen on her body. She attained her samadhi (death) in that chamber itself, and no one had entered the palliyara after that.

Several years later, the palliyara opened on its own and inside the chamber was a beautiful idol in the shape of a spider, where the Princess attained her samadhi. From then, the royal chamber came to be known as Kodumon Chilanthi Kshetram.

Kodumon Chilanthi Ambalam

Inside the temple

Devotees who are affected by spider venom or any kind of insect bite come here to cure themselves from the poison or toxins. The water of the well here is said to have healing powers and a sweet fragrance. An annual festival is held here on the day of Karthika (star) in the Malayalam month of Vrishchikam, which falls in November or December. In the month of Makaram, Chandra Pongala is observed by women here on the full moon day.

The temple is located around 11km from Pathanamthitta in Kerala. For driving directions to reach Pathanamthitta, click here.

Other attractions of Pathanamthitta include Aranmula Parthasaradhy Temple, Kadamanitta Devi Temple, perunthenaruvi Waterfall and Kaviyoor Mahadeva Temple among the rest.

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