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» »Shila Devi: The Stone Goddess

Shila Devi: The Stone Goddess

Written By: Akshatha Vinayak

All stories don't have to be real; it is enough if they are interesting! The manner in which a story relates to a place or a period gives it more fame. Interesting legend of Shila Devi Temple located in Amer Fort is sure to take you back in time.

Amer Fort

Ganesh Pol (An Entrance) of Amer Fort
Photo Courtesy: Firoze Edassery

Maharaja Man Singh I was humiliated by his defeat against the King Kedar. In his restlessness, Maharaja started praying Goddess Kali to give him strength to fight back. One night Goddess Kali appears in his dream to bless him. In return for his victory, Goddess asks him to build a shrine in the fort. Kali tells him to obtain her lost idol from the coastal shores of Jessore ( now in Bangladesh). Man Singh goes in search of the idol but finds a big stone slab.

After he returns with the stone slab, they wash it properly and see an idol of Goddess Kali. Hence, the name Shila Devi (a goddess in the form of (shila) stone). As the King promised, he builds a temple for the Shila Mata.

Amer Fort

A View of Man Singh Palace
Photo Courtesy: Vssun

Another folklore is that this idol resembles the Durga idol of Dashabhuja, which was lost from the Susanga Royal Family in Durgapur (now in Bangladesh).

However, some historical records suggest that the idol was sculpted from the stone slab which was brought from Bengal. Hence, it was named as Shila Mata.

Shila Devi Temple

Entrance Door of Shila Devi Temple
Photo Courtesy: Adamina

Whatever it is, the legend and history blend perfectly well to this sacred place. This 16th-century temple retains a charm and gives a divine feeling for those who visit. Amer Shila Devi Temple also has a beautiful idol of Lord Ganesha, which is carved in coral.

Shila Devi Temple is one of the famous temples in Jaipur. Especially during Navarathri Festival, thousands of devotees come here to worship Shila Mata.

Shila Devi Temple

Carving on the Silver Panel
Photo Courtesy: Adamina

The ever famous Amer Fort is not just a major landmark in Jaipur but also a favourite Bollywood film shooting spot!

The tales of Shila Devi shows how much more things that can be explored in Amer Fort! The poojas are performed according to the Shakta Cult, which is specially created to pray the mother goddess.

How to Reach Amer Fort

Amer Fort or Amber Fort is situated in a town called Amer.

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