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Places in India Where Indians Are Not Allowed

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Isn't it strange that there are places in India where Indians are not allowed? Weird as it may sound, India has a few places where Indians are banned from entering. When there are innumerous architectural wonders, pristine beaches and other places that Indians flaunt to the world, there are also a few places where they are not welcome.

If you're an Indian, think twice before you visit any place in your country. There are some places that can stop you from entering the region and make you feel alienated.

Let's know about these places where only foreigners are allowed to visit.

1. "Foreigners Only" beaches in Goa
There are some beaches in Goa that do not allow Indians to enter the beach. These beach shacks and restaurants prefer foreigners to Indian visitors.

Uno-In hotel

Uno-In hotel in Bengaluru

2. Uno-In Hotel in Bengaluru
The IT capital of India, Bengaluru, also has one such place where Indians are not allowed. Uno-In Hotel in this city is only open to the Japanese crowd. Following this dicrimination, however, this hotel was shut down soon.

3. Free Kasol Cafe in Kasol
Located in Himachal Pradesh that is visited by Indians are foreigners alike, a cafe that restricts your entry because you're an Indian sounds strange. The restaurant owner here clams that only Israeli visitors are to enter the place. Indians are refused to serve here.

4. A Lodge in Chennai
This lodge in Chennai (name withheld) does not allow Indians in. Strange enough, it also has it written in bold letters that dogs and Indians are not allowed inside. It only allows those who are foreign passport holders to enter the lodge.

Foreigner Only beach in Pondicherry

Foreigners relaxing at a beach in Pondicherry

5. "Foreigners Only" beaches in Pondicherry
After Goa, there is yet another popular beach destination in India that does not allow Indians. Some beaches in Ponducherry claim to be only for the foreigners to relax and enjoy, away from the sight of Indians.

Next time if you enter any of these places and see only foreigners, be reminded that they are not for the Indian crowd. Yes, such places exist in India!

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