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Did You Know that Mukthi Naga Temple in Bengaluru Has the Biggest Naga Idol?

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Naga or the serpent god is one of the important gods in Hinduism. Snake deities are also one of the most feared gods. Many Hindus fear to hurt or even accidentaly kill a snake. It is a strong believe that a serpent's curse can disrupt the lives. At the same time, snake gods are related with power and strength. Hence, we have many temples dedicated to snake gods in India.

Mukthi Naga Temple in Bengaluru

Mukti Naga Temple
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The Mukthi Naga Temple is one of the famous serpent deity temples in Bengaluru. According to the mythology, Lord Subramanya is said to be the Lord of Serpents. The belief is that the main deity at Mukthi Naga Kshethra is another for Lord Subrahmanya.

Where is Mukthi Naga Temple?

Mukti Naga Temple is situated at Ramohalli near Mysore Road. Take the Mysore Road from Kengeri towards Raja Rajeshwari Dental College at Kumbalgodu. Then take a right at the dental college and journey for about 6km to reach Mukthi Naga Temple.

Mukthi Naga Temple in Bengaluru

One of the small shrines around the main temple
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History of Mukthi Naga Temple

Earlier, this locality was called as Junjappana Bayalu. Junjappa is none other than a serpent deity of the locality. People believed that a big snake which was living in this locality was the real god who gaurded the region.

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The present temple of Mukthi Naga was constructed only a few years ago. Interestingly, the main idol of Serpent God Mukthi Naga is around 16ft tall and it is one of the biggest monolithic Naga idols in India.

Mukthi Naga Temple in Bengaluru

One of the Naga idols at Renuka Yellamma Temple in Mukti Naga Temple
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According to the story, the Dharmadikari Sri Subramanya Shastri felt the divine presence at Kukke Subramanya. Thereafter, he started searching for a particular shrine of Naga. After some time, he saw this Junjappana Bayalu and realized that this is the important place. So, a temple was constructed here.

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Temples at Mukthi Naga Temple Complex

Mukthi Naga Temple Complex has many shrines and even many other projects are going on in the vicinity. Apart from the main temple of Mukthi Naga, you can visit the shrines of Renuka Yellamma (at the entrance), Adi Mukti Naga and Patalamma Temple. Apart from this, there are four small shrines located around the main temple. These shrines are dedicated to Lord Narasimha, Lord Shiva, Siddhi Vinayaka and Goddess Nilambike.

Mukthi Naga Temple in Bengaluru

Renuka Yellamma Temple
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Other Attractions

There is a place where devotees have installed several Naga idols. You can see this place with different naga statues.

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Special poojas can be offered at the main temple. Mahabhisheka, Saparivara Seva, Ksheerabhisheka and Sarpasamskara can be done at the temple.

Mukthi Naga Temple in Bengaluru

Adi Mukti Naga Temple
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Sarpadosha Nivarana Poojas

Sarpa dosha parihara (overcome serpent curse) poojas, Nagapratiste (install Naga Idol), Ashlesha Bali, Pradoshapooje, etc. can be done here.


The temple premises is still under construction. However, all the basic facilities like Toilets, drinking water and food (breakfast and lunch) is available at the temple complex.

Devotees who wish to have temple food should pay Rs.30/- as free food is not served yet.

Mukthi Naga Temple in Bengaluru

Small Naga Idols Installed by the devotees
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Nearby Attractions

Dodd Alada Mara (the Big Banyan Tree) is located near to Mukthi Naga Temple. A road which passes next to the Main Temple takes you to Alada Mara. Sign boards are put to guide to Dodd Alada Mara.

On the way to Dodd Alada Mara, there are many plant nurseries. Those who are interested in buying some plants can check out here.

How to Reach Mukthi Naga Temple

You can book cabs (Ola or Uber), take autos or even reach by bus.

By Bus: Go to Kengeri Bus Stand and take buses which are going towards Kumbalgod or Ramohalli. In fact, the bus number 401KB has a stop in front of the temple. Otherwise, get down at RR Dental College and take an auto.

By Auto: There are share autos from Ramohalli. These share autos charge 10Rs to take you from Ramohalli to Mukthi Naga Temple.

It is better to take your own vehicle as it is much easier to reach.

So, Mukthi Naga Temple is one of the prominent temples which you should visit in Bengaluru. The road leading to Mukthi Naga Temple is lined with trees and plant nurseries. So, it gives a sense of countryside.

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