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Ganapathi Bappa Moriya: Famous Ganesha Temples in Bangalore

By Akshatha

Elephant-face god Ganesha is the most loved in India. Hindus worship Ganesha before starting any new activity like a new business venture, new film or even before using new vehicles. Lord Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles and the god of wisdom. He is said to be fun-loving and a foodie. During the festival each household makes yummy modak(sweet) and number of sweet dishes.

Ganesha Chaturthi

Ganesha Chaturthi
Photo Courtesy: Kbdessai

Even in Karnataka, Ganesha Chaturthi is a grand one. Idols of Ganapti is brought into the household and pujas are performed. Finally, immersing the idol, telling Ganesha to come again next year. There are a number of Ganesha temples in Bangalore. Devotees visit Ganesha temple for every new thing, hence each temple is named according to the significance.

Dodda Ganesha

Dodda Ganesha Temple
Photo Courtesy: Mallikarjunasj

Dodda Ganesha Temple / Bull Temple

Dodda Ganesha is the famous temple in Bangalore. 'Dodda' in Kannada language means big, relating to 'Big Ganesha'. It also has names like Bull Temple or Basavanagudi referring to another temple behind the Ganapati temple, a giant idol of Bull/ Nandi.

Records indicate that the idol of Ganesha was sculpted on a single rock. Many folklore among locals says, Kempegowda once stumbled upon a big rock; seeing that it looked like Ganesha, he ordered a sculptor to make it an idol.


Bull Temple
Photo Courtesy: Sarvagnya

Another folktale about the 'Bull' is that, once a bull was troubling the groundnut farmers around the temple. It used to eat all the groundnuts, so they tried to chase it away. The bull instead of running away, sat on a platform and turned into a statue.

People at one point believed that the idol of Nandi grew in the temple. If you observe carefully, there is a bar on top of Nandi's head which was put to stop it from growing further.

With all the tales and the beautiful surroundings, Dodda Ganeshana gudi is a most famous temple in Bangalore.
Address: Bull Temple road, Basavangudi, Bangalore

Panchamukhi Ganapati Temple

Panchamukhi in Kannada means five faces, the idol has five heads including the main one. Hence, the name Panchamukhi/ Penta Ganapati. This is one of the 32 avatars of Ganesha and his vehicle is lion here.

Panchamukhi Ganesha temple is one of the popular Ganesha temples in Bangalore.
Address: 50 feet road, Hanumantha Nagar, Bangalore

Traffic Ganesha/ Vahana Ganesha Temple

Vahana (Vehicle) Ganesha temple is a unique one, from a long time new vehicles are brought here for blessings. A 600 year of Ganesha temple, was earlier called as Pathala (Underground) Ganesha.

Earlier, horses, elephants and bullocks were brought here to seek blessings from Vahana Ganapati.

Today, cars, bikes, autos or any new vehicles are brought for puja. Especially during Ayudha Puja, Vahana Ganapti temple in Bangalore is the most crowded one.

Blessings from Vahana Ganapti is believed to protect from accidents. Hence it is also called as Accident Ganesha or Traffic Ganesha.
Address: Kasturaba Road, Shantala Nagar, near UB city, Bangalore

Power Ganesha

Power Ganesha Temple
Photo Courtesy: Akshatha Vinayak

Power Ganesha Temple

The name 'power' itself suggests that this Ganesha is a wealthy one. Politically most sought after Ganesha temple in Bangalore. Those who seek for power and wealth visit this temple in Bangalore to seek his blessings.
Address: Jayanagar 4th block, Opp. Mayyas restaurant, Bangalore.

Techie Ganesha

This Ganesha temple in Bangalore attracts a lot of IT professionals. Hence, the name Techie Ganesha. The temple was started in 1979 and is called as Prasanna Ganapti temple.
Address: Ganapati Seva Samithi, KHB Colony, 5th Block Koramangala, Bangalore.

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