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Monuments That Take You Through Tipu Sultan's Life

Written By: Siji Ram

Tipu Sultan, who was popularly called as the Tiger of Mysore, was a ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore. One of the great rulers of Indian history, Tipu Sultan was also among the first rulers who challenged the British.

Being a lover of art and culture, Tipu has built several monuments across India that are still wonders of architectural magnificence and splendour. Let us know more about these monuments that take us to the glorious times of Tipu Sultan.

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Photo Courtesy: Placidsun

Devanahalli Fort

Devanahalli Fort is located around 35km from Bengaluru. The fort was conquered by his father Hyder Ali and then later was passed on to Tipu Sultan. The birthplace of Tipu is also close to the fort, where a memorial is built for him.

The fort is spread across 20 acres of land and has several temples and other structures within the complex that are worth an explore. The art and architecture of the fort has always attracted visitors who would love to know more about the history of India and of Tipu's rule in India.

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Photo Courtesy: Pavithrah

Bangalore Fort

Bangalore Fort is yet another fort that was an important part of Tipu Sultan's life. Though the fort was built by Kempe Gowda, the founder of Bangalore, the fort was later reconstructed by Hyder Ali, and improvised by Tipu Sultan.

The fort was captured by the British from Tipu Sultan in the Third Mysore War. Today, the only remains that take us to those times is the Delhi Gate of the fort and two bastions. There is also a place marked by a marble plaque where the British breaches down the wall of the fort, capturing it.

Lal Bagh

The Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens was completed by Tipu Sultan, though it was commissioned by his father Hyder Ali. The garden has the largest collection of tropical plants, and it also has several plants from other parts of the world like Afghanistan, Persia and France.

tipu sultan

Photo Courtesy: Ahmad Faiz Mustafa

Daria Daulat Bagh

The Daria Daulat Bagh, or the 'Palace of Wealth' was built by Tipu Sultan in Srirangapatna. Built using Indo-Saracenic style of architecture, the building houses a museum where you can find Tipu's memorabilia, frescos on walls, paintings and other documents that portray the wars fought and won by the ruler.

The other monuments related to Tipu Sultan include Sultan Bathery Fort, Gol Gumbaz, Srirangapatna Fort and Manjarabad Fort. Travel to these amazing places and witness the historical times that will never come back.

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