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Medak Cathedal – The Revered Structure Of Telangana

Written By: Pranav

Towering above the landscape of Medak is the Medak Cathedral, which is one of the biggest landmarks of the region and a major tourist draw in the state of Telangana. It was laid to foundation in the year 1914. Consecrated in the year 1924, it was the inspiration of Rev. Charles Walker Posnett who was a Methodist Christian.

medak catherdal in telangana

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The Medak Church is famous not because it can hold a large congregation of devotees at the same time, but it is also well known for its beautifully stained glass paintings, which adorn the structure. The structure is the largest in South Asia and can accommodate over 5000 people at the same time. The stained glass paintings depict every scene from the Bible.

Best Time To Visit:

The Cathedral at Medak is a year-round destination and can be visited anytime during the year. The Cathedral is open to all every day from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

The Origin Of The Structure:

The Cathedral was built under the leadership of Reverend Charles Walker Posnett, who followed the motto, "My best for my Lord".

Posnett who arrived in Secunderabad in the year 1895, was first ministered amongst the British soldiers at Trimullghery who was unsatisfied with the work at the army and henceforth set into the villages. Posnett visited Medak in the year 1896 and built a bungalow there for his stay.

medak catherdal in telangana

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There was a small-tiled house which served as the place of worship before the structure was expanded, which he found it not worthy to be considered as a place of worship. The present Cathedral's construction began in the year 1914 on a vast area of 1000 acres. During the early 20th century, the place was struck with a famine and Posnett gave employment to all the people in the construction of the church instead of running a kitchen.

The construction work of the cathedral took 10 years to be completed and was consecrated in the year 1924, after which Posnett expressed his gratefulness to God for removing the sufferings of the people. The church was declared as a Cathedral in October 1947.

The Architecture

The structure is 100-ft wide and 200-ft long and is constructed in the Gothic Revival style. It can accommodate about 5000 people at a time. The mosaic tiles laid here were imported from Britain and in six different colours. Workers were brought in from Mumbai to lay the decorative flooring.

One can notice massive pillars built with a fine cut and well-decorated grey stone, which supports the gallery and the whole edifice. The roof of the church is made sound-proof by hollow sponge materials and also exhibits some impressive style of ornamental works, which are done on the squares.

medak catherdal in telangana

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The bell tower stands tall at a height of 175 ft, it is said that when the Nizam of Hyderabad found out the church would be higher than the Charminar, he said to have made an arrogant bid to have its height reduced.

The Stained Glasses

The major attraction at the Cathedral are its stained glass windows, which depict various scenes from the Bible. The windows were designed by Sir O. Salisbury of England. The stained glass windows were installed at different periods.

Some of the noteworthy ones are the Nativity in the west transept, the Crucifixion in the east transept and the Ascension behind the altar. The window depicting the ascension was installed in the year 1927, two years after the Cathedral was built. The Nativity window was installed in 1947 and the Crucifixion one was installed in the year 1958.

medak catherdal in telangana

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The Medak Church witnesses huge footfalls during the Christmas season, where devotees come even from the neighbouring states like Karnataka and Maharashtra. During Christmas, the beauty of the church is further enhanced, as it lights up. The Cathedral is an important part in the history and culture of Medak and is a must visit for everyone.

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