» »Mawjymbuin Cave in Meghalaya – A perfect destination for History lovers, pilgrims and tourists.

Mawjymbuin Cave in Meghalaya – A perfect destination for History lovers, pilgrims and tourists.

By Vineeth Mohan

It is believed that our ancestors were cave dwellers and the paintings and scribblings in those caves are widely interpreted to study about their lifestyle. Though controversial and disputable, caves are a major link to reach out to our ancestors and their lifestyle. India is home to thousands of caves and they attract a lot of tourists with varied interests annually. Mawjymbuin cave in Shillong is one such cave in India which is known not only for it's geological importance but also for it's exquisiteness. Mawjymbuin cave is situated in Mawsynram village which is on the Khasi hills of Meghalaya. Mawsynram village is reportedly the wettest place on earth ( Because of the absence of meteorological department office in the area, Cherrapunji is recorded as the wettest place for statistical purposes).

Mawjymbuin Cave in Meghalaya

Shiv Linga in Mawjymbuin Caves
PC: Sharada Prasad CS

Formation of Mawjymbuin Cave in Meghalaya

Mawjymbuin cave which is made of calcareous sandstones is 209 metre high and never fails to astonish the tourists. The serenity and picturesque backdrop of Mawsynram village with steep and sliding slopes ,rolling green mountains and ear-piercing but elegant waterfalls add glory to the place. Years of weathering ,dripping of mineral enriched liquid and deposition of Calcium Carbonate has given rise to many magnificent stalagmites inside the cave. The 4m high, 50 metre wide entrance chamber is awe-inspiring.

Why do you have to visit Mawjymbuin Cave?

The presence of unique stalagmites makes it a thing of interest for geologists, who conduct numerous researches here. The impressive pair of cave formations and the giant stalagmite inside the cave, which is in the form of Shiv Linga has turned this cave into a sacred shrine for Hindus. This attracts flocks of devotees nationwide. The cave also has a dome shaped rock with a flat top called the Symper Rock. It is also a faultless place for those who has a passion for photography.

Mawjymbuin Cave in Meghalaya

Mawsynram From The Top
PC: Vikas Talwar

A small stream flows under the eastern portion of this cave .Many rift entrances and passages form a part of this cave, some of which are difficult to enter. So the caves has in it for the adventure seekers as well. The flooding of tourists, pilgrims and historians has made this cave the major tourist attraction in Meghalaya. It is a 'A complete package' for any traveller!

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