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Don't Dive, Just Walk Around: Marine National Park in Jamnagar

By Akshatha Vinayak

Agreed, none can beat the mystic beauty of forests but here is one destination which can surprise you to the core! Here is a place where you can see marine life without snorkelling or scuba diving. No, it is not an adventure sport but it is a unique national park. Come, let us explore the Marine National Park in Jamnagar and experience the vivid marine ecosystem without any effort.

marine national park

Mangrooves at Marine National Park
PC: Viralmvora

Marine National Park is a one-of-its-kind aquatic wildlife sanctuary at Gulf of Kutch in Gujarat. The National park comprises of 42 islands in the coast of Jamnagar. These islands are not only known for the various species of aquatic life but also for birds. Its ecosystem is so serene and outstanding that one can see the whole marine life during the low tides.

Attractions of Marine National Park at Gujarat

First tourists have to go through the boats to reach Marine National Park. Later, you can actually walk around in the low tide areas and watch the marine life. This National park is like an open aquarium where an interesting world can be seen from the outside.

Marine National Park in Jamnagar

Small Mangrooves
PC: Goel.sheetu

There are different islands to visit here: Pirotan, Ajan, Positara and Narala are some of the top islands in Marine National Park. Pirotan Island is the most popular among them.

Marine National Park consists of swamps, mangroves, mudflats, sea-grasslands, coral reefs, creeks and so on. Therefore, you can see a variety of vegetation at one place.

The fact that coral reefs can be seen without diving inside water is surprising indeed! Yes, the Marine National Park has treasure trove of coral reefs which are most amazing to see.

One can see different species of fishes, prawns, crabs, algae and molluscs. Interestingly, sting rays are also found in this region.

Marine National Park in Jamnagar

Stone Formations
PC: Shaurya2605

Of course Dolphins! Common Dolphins, Indo-Pacific bottle-nose Dolphins and hump-back dolphins are also found here. Therefore, Marine National Park is one of the top dolphin spotting destinations in India.

The coast of Jamnagar is also a breeding centre for Olive Riddley Turtles and Green Sea Turtles.

Avifauna at Marine National Park

Marine National Park and Sanctuary is a home to various species of birds. It has resident birds and well as migratory birds that flock here during winters. We can see birds like black-necked ibis, sea gulls, kingfisher, painted stork, marsh harrier, etc. Around 200 species are said to be found here.

Most Interesting Attractions

Puffer Fish which bloats for self-defence, colour-changing octopus and sea cucumber (a marine organism that transfigures itself to distract the predator) are some of the most interesting attractions at Marine National Park.

How to Reach Marine National Park in Jamnagar

Jamngar is around 313km from the Ahmedabad. It is easily accessible from other places of Gujarat. Visitors have to take a boat from Bedi Port or Nava Port in Jamnagar. However, the timings of the low tide hours change seasonally. So, you have inquire about it locally.

Marine National Park in Jamnagar

Water Coral
PC: Viralmvora

You can also reach Pirotan Island from Roza Port. The journey takes you via Chajja Creek and takes about an hour to reach the island.

Overall, a journey to Marine National Park will be a unique experience. Don't miss out on of the top marine parks in India.

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