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Mystical Manjampatti Valley in Tamil Nadu

Written By: Akshatha

One has to escape away from the city limits to experience the beauty of nature. True to that, Hill stations, forest reserves, valleys and waterfalls never fail to impress.

Heading towards Annamalai Hills, Valparai, Coimbatore and Tirupur districts, it is a bliss to explore the region of Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park. A valley is conjoined with the neighbouring Dindigul and Kodaikanal forest ranges are worth a try.

Jambu malai

A View of Jambu Malai from Manjampatti
Photo Courtesy: Marcus334

In Tamil 'Manjal' means yellow and 'Patti' means a village. So even say that the name indicates to the yellow coloured mangoes which were cultivated earlier. That's why this region became famous as Majampatti Valley in Tamil Nadu.

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The water that flows from the hills and the Shola Forests supports a unique vegetation in this valley. Hence, many researchers come here to explore its ecosystem. The water which gets collected here further joins the Chinnar and Amaravathi rivers.

Ananthony Waterfall

Ananthony Waterfalls
Photo Courtesy: Marcus334

TenAr, Alanthony Stream and Waterfalls are some of the main attractions in Manjampatti Valley. Tribals are the only locals who stay in the interiors of this valley. However, not all tourists are allowed here. Since it is biodiversity hotspot, only researchers and explorers are allowed with a proper permit.

Travellers don't have to feel disappointed; they can still see the valley! One can visit the Amaravathi Reservoir near to this valley. A small trek from here will reach a summit from where you can enjoy the vistas of Manjampatti, Annamalai and Palani Hills.

Manjampatti Valley

Vistas of Manjampatti Valley
Photo Courtesy: Marcus334

This region is known as Amaravathi Nagar, which is being developed as a tourist place. For now, visitors can stay in the Crocodile Park near to the reservoir.

Interestingly, several ruined sculptures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses are found in the vicinity. Records indicate the existence of a big temple which has vanished over time.

Temple Ruins near Manjampatti

Temple Ruins Near Manjampatti
Photo Courtesy: Marcus334

One can also find the stone sculptures of Krishna, Kondai Amma and Ganesha dating back to the Vijayanagara Empire. However, locals don't have much information regarding this ruined heritage. In some places, even dolmens are found.

How to Reach Amaravathi Nagar

Amaravathi Nagar is around 96km from Coimbatore. We have to travel past Pollachi and Udumalpet to reach this peaceful place. Chennai is around 350 km to Amaravathi Nagar.

By Train: Udumalpettai Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Amaravathi Nagar.

By Road: It is better to hire taxis or cabs from Coimbatore.

By Air: Coimbatore International Airport is the nearest airport

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The picturesque Manjampatti Valley gives a tough competition to other tourist places in Tamil Nadu. In this modern world, there only a few such places which are well preserved. So, let us enjoy its beauty from a distance and understand that it is rare to find such reserves.

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