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Enchanting Manasbal Lake in Kashmir

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Nature's Wonders are many and indescribable! Among such marvels, the Manasbal Lake shines as one of the exotic lakes in Kashmir. It is just 30km away from Srinagar on the way to Wular Lake.

The beautiful lotus flowers which bloom in the shimmering water of Manasbal not only makes it scenic but also provides a livelihood for the people.

 Manasbal Lake in Kashmir

Manasbal Lake
Photo Courtesy: Asif.mirr201

Interesting Facts About Manasbal Lake

  • The name Manasbal is said to be derived from the sacred Manasarovar Lake in Tibet Autonomous Region.
 Manasbal Lake in Kashmir

Flowers at Mughal Garden
Photo Courtesy: Ankur P

  • Manasbal Lake is vast and picturesque; its beauty has attracted many royals to the lake bed. Hence, it has got the name as 'Supreme Gem of all Kashmir Lakes'.
  • Manasbal is also considered as the deepest lake in India.

History of Manasbal Lake

The scenic nature which binds the lake has been an attraction during the past. The ruins of a 17th Century Mughal Fort and the Jharoka (the Mughal Garden) on the banks of Manasbal are the examples for its popularity in the past.

 Manasbal Lake in Kashmir

Boats at Manasbal Lake
Photo Courtesy: Ankur P

As per the historical records, Jharogabagh Fort served as a guesthouse for those who travelled from Punjab to Srinagar in the Mughal era.

A speciality of this lake is no particular streams drain into the lake. It is mainly dependent on the rains, the water collected in the surrounding hills and some frozen rivers. Manasbal Lake is also one of the high altitude lakes on the course of Jhelum River in Jammu and Kashmir.

Tourist Places Around Manasbal Lake

  • Manasbal Lake is nothing less than a visual treat. It is also a bird watchers paradise as it is a home for a number of birds.
 Manasbal Lake in Kashmir

Ancient Shiva Temple on the banks of Manasbal Lake
Photo Courtesy: Ankur P

  • Apart from the Mughal Garden and the Jharogabagh Fort, there many orchards on the bank of this lake. Apple Orchards, Mulberry Orchards, Chinar Tree groves and agricultural grounds in the catchment areas add to its beauty.
  • Wular Lake, one of the largest freshwater lakes in Asia, is near to Manasbal Lake.
  • Travellers can also explore the surrounding villages of Jarokbal and Kondabal.
  • Interestingly, an ancient temple was excavated on the Eastern Side of the lake. It is constructed from the local grey stone and dates back to 800-900 AD. It is now known as the Manasbal Temple.


In the recent years, water skiing has become a popular sport in Manasbal Lake. It is attracting many adventure lovers to Manasbal Lake.

How To Reach Manasbal Lake

Manasbal Lake is situated in Safapora of Ganderbal district. It is around 30km from Srinagar and is accessible by road.

It is better to hire taxis or cabs to reach this destination.

Best Time to Visit Manasbal Lake

It is good to visit when the lake is full of lotus flowers and when you can spot aquatic birds. The months from June to August is the best time to visit Manasbal Lake.

 Manasbal Lake in Kashmir

Manasbal Lake 
Photo Courtesy: Mehrajmir13

Don't forget to make a pit-stop at the picturesque Manasbal Lake on your trip to Kashmir. However, please keep in mind that it is in our hands to protect the lake from pollution. Just enjoy the tranquil nature at the one of the popular tourist places in Kashmir.

Have a great time at a great lake!

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