» »Nandi to Hanging Pillars: Catch Up With All at Lepakshi!

Nandi to Hanging Pillars: Catch Up With All at Lepakshi!

By Akshatha Vinayak

"Jatayu (humanoid eagle) came just when Ravana was flying away with Sita in his Pushpaka Vimana. Jatayu gets badly hit by Ravana when he tried to save Sita. Meanwhile, Ravana goes off carrying Sita while Jatayu suffers from the injuries. At the same time, Lord Rama comes here and finds Jatayu in a semi-conscious state. Rama, with his exceptional powers, cured Jatayu and said 'Get up bird', Le Pakshi"!


Nandi Statue at Lepakshi
Photo Courtesy: Bikash Das

Hence, this place came to be known as Lepakshi near Hindupur. The stunning architectures of Vijayanagara period beautify this region and gives an ample opportunity to explore.

A journey for about 125km from Bengaluru (Bangalore) will take us to this heritage site of Lepakshi. Wonder awaits at every nook and corner of this place. A giant monolithic statue of Nandi comes into the picture as we are 200 m from the temple. This Nandi figurine is one of the significant structures in Lepakshi.


Veerabhadra Temple Gopura
Photo Courtesy: netlancer2006

Though Nandi is outside the temple and it is facing the Shiva Ling in the courtyard of the temple. When we observe carefully, the shrine is carved out on a single rock.

Veerabhadra Temple

Veerabhadra Temple is said to be built on a granite rock which is in the shape of a tortoise. Hence, the region is also known as Kuruma Saila.


Veerabhadra Temple
Photo Courtesy: Somasakshini

Veerabhadra Temple shines in all its glory with some exquisite carvings and frescos. While the pillars have sculptures depicting the mythologies, the walls and ceilings have mural paintings. The exotic frescos depicting the legends of Shiva and Parvati's marriage and stories from Ramayana can be seen even to this day. Most mural paintings are worn out over the time but still some are visible indicating to the excellent quality materials and technique of painting done in the 16th century.


Murals on the temple ceiling
Photo Courtesy: Pp391

Another major attraction here is the Shiva Linga with seven hooded serpent. This marvelous sculpture is carved out of a single rock and is one of the most prominent attractions in Lepakshi. In fact, the Nandi outside the temple is facing this Shiva Linga.


Shiva Linga
Photo Courtesy: Bikash Das

Tourists need a lot of time and preferably a guide who can explain features of this site. One most interesting part of Lepakshi are the Hanging Pillars. Yes, we can see the gap at the bottom of these pillars. This shows the craftsmanship and amazing techniques which have been used in the building.

Just a few yards away from the Shiva Linga, is the splendid piers (pillars with sculptures). As per the legends, this pier is where Shiva married Parvati. The pillars at these piers depict the guests (Gods and Goddesses) who came to attend Shiva and Parvati's wedding. The pillars and platforms look unique in the temple.


Temple Piers
Photo Courtesy: Bikash Das

A dedicated to Lepakshi is a must! A stroll around this heritage takes us to a different world. Although very much smaller than Hampi, Lepakshi is a masterpiece in itself. The artisans and sculptors of Vijayanagar Empire impress us yet again at this mind blowing place.


Interior View
Photo Courtesy: Tarun R

Lepakshi is surely one of the best weekend getaways from Bengaluru (Bangalore). It can also be reached from Hindupur in Andhra Pradesh.

How To Reach Lepakshi

Lepakshi is around 125km from Bangalore and can be reached via Devanahalli, NH7 route. Lepakshi is very near to Hindupur (15km).

By Bus: Many APRTC buses travel from Hindupur to Lepakshi. You can also go in personal vehicles or private cabs. Roads for most part of the journey is in good condition.

By Train: Hindupur Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Lepakshi.

The architectural marvels of Lepakshi will enchant you with an old world charm. Do visit this awesome historical place in Andhra Pradesh. You can also cover Nandi Hills on your trip to Lepakshi.

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