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Lepakshi, a charming hamlet situated in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, is part of the Anantpur District. It is about 120 km from Bangalore in Karnataka and 15 km from the town of Hindpur. Although small, the hamlet has a lot of historical and religious significance for the locals. The place is famous in south India for three temples that are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Virabhadra. Another famous attraction of the place is a small hillock that is shaped like the back of a tortoise. This hill has been named the Kurma Saila and located on the hill are temples of Srirama, Raghunatha, Veerbhadra, Papanatheswara and goddess Durga.

The temples are examples of the exquisite craftsmanship displayed by the Vishwakarma Brahmins who were the sculptors employed for carving out the hard walls of the temples. Many people believe that even the famous Vishwakarma sculptor Amarashilpi Janakachari helped prepare the design and layout of the temples. In fact, famous sculptors of the time, including Kakoju and Moroju, helped prepare the carvings on the temple walls. On the walls of these temples are depicted various scenes from Hindu mythological books like Ramayana and Mahabharata. Interestingly, the carvings on the walls of the temples also inspire the designs on the famous Lepakshi sarees! The temples of the region are famous for various specialties including a hanging pillar, a rock chain, Durga Paadam, Vastu Purush, a racing lady and many more. The roofs of the temples are adorned with beautiful paintings that were prepared using natural colors.

Tourist places In and Around Lepakshi

The chief attraction of the place is the Veerabhadra temple, Lepakshi dedicated to Lord Veerbhadra which draws devotees from all over South India.

Lepakshi weather

The weather in Lepakshi remains pleasant for the most part of the year except for in summers when it can become exceedingly hot.

How to reach Lepakshi

The best mode of transportation to reach Lepakshi is road since there is no airport or railway station in the town. A town of architecture and hues, Lepakshi invites backpackers to experience and explore.

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