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Journey to an Unexplored temple near Hampi - Hulgi

Written By: Brunda Nagaraj

Hampi is a well known tourist destination for a lot of us and it attracts a large number of tourists during the Hampi Utsav that happens every year. It is said that every rock of Hampi narrates a story as you take a walk in the ruins of this beautiful place.

At an approximate distance of 22km from Hampi, in the district of Koppal is the Hulgi village which is the abode of Goddess Vyaaghrapuradheeshwari who is locally known as Hulgiamma, since Hulgi village is her abode.

Come on let's take a Journey to an Unexplored temple near Hampi - "Hulgi"


View of the goddess decorated with flowers

Image courtesy : Satyanarayana Bhat

The history of the temple dates back to 800 years and the goddess is said to have self-incarnated on a rock. The statue of the goddess consists only the head portion, fossilized shells (Narasimha Saligrama) constitutes her eyes and the extraordinary thing you get to notice as part of the divine structure is the mustache. The statue of the goddess is faced towards the South and that is another unique thing about this temple.


Image Courtesy : Brunda Nagaraj

Legend says that the Goddess answered prayers and appeared to the two great devotees Naga Jogi and Basava Jogi  revealing her divine form in a tiger's face. As Hulgi was once was amidst dense jungles, and hence the name Vyaaghrapuradheeshwari - Vyaaghra - refers to Tiger in Sanskrit. Vyaghrapura - meaning the place of tigers and the goddess was thus named Vyaaghrapuradheeshwari.


Image courtesy : Brunda Nagaraj

The eyes of the Goddess has Narasimha Saligrama and that arouses curiosity, it strange and beautiful at the same time. It is said that the Dwaita philosopher - Sri Vyasaraja, who also was a great devotee of the Goddess once complained that she is not pious enough as she accepts oblation that has some vegetables which is considered a taboo in Dwaita philosophy. Though the goddess was pleased by his devotion and blessed him, she snatched the fossilized shells and placed it in her eyes.


Image Courtesy : Brunda Nagaraj

Another interesting thing about the temple is that the goddess is always decorated with flowers and is always seen draped with Ilkal Saree which is woven using three fabrics - Cotton, Art silk and Silk and these sarees are made in the town of Ilkal in Bagalkot district of Karnataka.

The temple is generally crowded however, on Tuesdays and Fridays the place is flooded by devotees from various parts as these days are considered to be the most auspicious ones. 

The main shrine is surrounded by Parashurama temple and Matangi temple. The temple falls under the Muzrai department and animal sacrificing within the premises of the temple is banned by the government authority.


Image Courtesy : Brunda Nagaraj

The car festival every year is celebrated with fervor and gaiety for 4 days during the Vaishakha Shuddha Bahula starting from the 8th day of the calender till the 11th and the oblation is offered to the deity on the twelfth (dwadashi) day of hindu calender . The temple has a dedicated person to perform certain rituals during the car festival.

People put up stalls around the temple during the car festival for almost month. Visiting this amazing temple is a must when you plan your trip to Hampi. There are a lot of hymns that are sung at the temple pr/hampi/how-to-reach/bangalore-cant-to-hampi/by-train/emises and you may also get to hear people offering prayers to the Goddess as "Ughe, Ughe" in local dialect meaning - Godess, bless us.

To reach Hulgi from Hampi or Hospet

  • Local buses and auto-rickshaws from Hampi are available to reach Hulgi temple.
  • ATM: available
  • Parking space: Available
  • Flower vendors: Available in abundance outside the temple premises
  • Click to know the distance from bangalore to Hampi 
  • Click To travel by train 

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