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Interesting Facts About Mumbai You Might Not Know

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Mumbai is the most loved city in India, which is known by many nicknames like the "city of dreams" and the "city that never sleeps". Countless songs have been sung, books have been written in the name of this lovely city in Maharashtra. Being one of the most important points of control during the British Raj, Mumbai, therefore, has a lot of colonial remains.

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Apart from being a metropolitan city that has absolutely every facility, it is home to classic landmarks, monuments, and is a city rich with heritage. To see the incredibility of the city, you must visit Mumbai at least once in your lifetime. But in this article, read about some of the interesting facts about the city you might or might not have known.

1) Home To The Largest National Park Within City Limits

Interesting Facts About Mumbai

PC: sujit jagdale

Sanjay Gandhi National Park located in north Mumbai is a huge protected are that is not only home to animals but also to a rich biodiversty. Here you can witness animals like porcupine, leopard, sambar deer, etc., birds like bulbuls, hornbills, egrets and more.

It is also one of the most visited national parks in the world. Apart from flora and fauna, you can even see the Kanheri Caves, a sculpture made of rocky caves that are 2400 yrs old!

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2) Bombay Was Formerly A Set Of 7 Islands

Back in the 17th century, the 7 islands of Bombay were actually nor a part of the British Raj. It was a dowry given to them by the Portuguese rulers when Princess Braganza was married off to Charles II of England. The 7 islands then took 60 years between 1784 to 1845 to merge into a single land mass.

3) Origin Of Its Names

Interesting Facts About Mumbai

PC: Skye Vidur

The names of the city were given by the inhabitants who lived during the period. Bombay is believed to have come from the Portuguese, who derived the word from the phrase "Bom Bahia", which translates to a beautiful bay. Whereas Mumbai comes from the fact that the original inhabitants of Mumbai, the Koli community, worshipped goddess Mumba Devi, and thus the name.

4) Biggest And Priciest Slum

You might be aware of the fact that Dharavi in Mumbai is the biggest slum in Asia. It is also a well-known fact that living in Mumbai can be very expensive. This notion is applicable even to the slum areas becaase trying to build a house even in Dharavi requires at least 3 lakh rupees!

5) Mumbai Had The First Of Everything

Interesting Facts About Mumbai

PC: Anoop Ravi

Being the headquarters of the British Raj, Mumbai had the chance of getting the first of almost every new development. The first five star hotel in India was opened in 1903 and the first airport in India which was called as Juhu Aerodome was installed in 1928.

Apart from these, railway terminus, electric rail system, public bus services, all of these were established first in Mumbai.

6) Dabbawalas - Best Managed Supply Chains In The World

The famous network of Dabbawalas that is unique to only Mumbai, is a lunchbox delivery system. This huge network is maintained so well and is reputed to not have missed out on even a single delivery till date.

It is so well-known to the world that case studies have been made, and also has been acknowledged by Forbes magazine to be one of the world's best managed supply chains.

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