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Gooty Fort: Remembering Those Times

Posted By: Akshatha Vinayak

How can we rule out a place which was ruled by several great dynasties? It must have been an excellent strategic location that attracted Ashoka, the Great to Vijayanagara rulers and the British! Yes, a visit to Gooty Fort will take us back to those ancient times when there were many provinces and no India!

Gooty Fort

Splendid View of Gooty Fort
Photo Courtesy: Imrx100

The tales of Gooty Fort or Gutti fort dates back to 7th century. Looking at its structure, it is not difficult to imagine the times of wars and invasions. The speciality of Gooty Fort is that it is not one single fort; it is a fort complex with many small forts inside. Gooty Fort or Gutti Fort now belongs to Anantapur of Andhra Pradesh.

Though it looks like any other rocky hill from a distance, the ramparts come into the picture from a closer look. Gooty Fort is located on the NH 7 from Bengaluru (Bangalore) to Hyderabad.

Gooty Fort

Another View of Gooty Fort
Photo Courtesy: Ravi Aparanji

Constructed on a hill top, it is a group of 15 forts with each of them having separate entrances. Don't we get a feeling of mazes when we see its structure? That explains its importance. Since it is on a hilltop, it wouldn't have been possible for the enemies to enter it with ease. Otherwise, is it possible to attract so many invaders? Today, Gooty Fort is one of the oldest forts built by Kakatiya dynasty in Andhra Pradesh.

Interestingly, a paved passage called Mar Gooty is the only way through which we can enter the citadel. There are 15 main entrances which are called as 'Mukhadwaralu' in Telugu. Inside the fort, we can see many wells, a temple and large bastions which were built to get a better view of the surroundings.

Gooty Fort

Views from Gooty Fort
Photo Courtesy: Ravi Aparanji

A trip to this hill fort is a must for every traveller as it reflects the architectural finesse of those times. Just imagine the kind of knowledge and engineering they would have put to create such a fort? Of course, there are many such places across India. However, Gooty Fort is one of its kind destination that has stood the test of times. Particularly, for a heritage lover, this fortress is nothing less than a paradise! So are you searching a place for this weekend trip? Then do explore this majestic castle!

How to Reach Anantapur

  • By Road: Anantapur is connected by State Highways and National Highways. Several APSRTC and Private buses are there from all other cities.
  • By Train: Anantapur Railway Station is the nearest railway station.
  • By Air: Puttaparthi Airport is the nearest airport to this fort.
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