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Ghatshila: A Charming Place in Jharkhand

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Ghatshila in Singhbhum district of Jharkhand is one of the charming places one can visit in this state. Its location beside River Subarnarekha amidst lush green forest makes Ghatshila one of the must-visit destinations in Jharkhand tourism. Though a part of Jharkhand, the place is often visited by people from West Bengal. The place gained popularity in the yesteryears for being the backdrop of ace writer, Bibhuti Bhusan Bandopadhyay's novel, 'Pather Panchali'.

Ghatshila is blessed with scenic beauty as it is located between two  mountain ranges. River Subarnarekha separates the two ranges and it is a mesmerising view to see the nature's wonder. An aerial view of Ghatshila will look like a rocky landscape with flowing river along with meagre human habitat at certain places. The scenic beauty of the place is partially marred by the smoke arising from the chimneys of a near by factory.

If one wants to enjoy the serene village life for a day, nothing can be better than Ghatshila. This place in Jharkhand tourism truly reflects the essence of calm and quiet village life. Tourists will get an opportunity to soothe their tired nerves while enjoying this picturesque scenic beauty of Ghatshila. Though the place is slowly being industrialized the verdant mango gardens, traditional burners, cows and chickens roaming freely is what keeps the inhabitants engaged.

What to see: Ghatshila, the charming spot of Jharkhand tourism does not have much to explore but the scenic beauty is marvellous and enchanting. One can hire a taxi apart from auto rickshaws which are locally available. Phuldungri Hill is just a walk away from Ghatshila.

Panch Pandav situated 5 km north west of Ghatshila bears mythological importance. The Pandavas are carved out on stone at Panch Pandav. Township of Moubhandar is a must visit as the township is beautifully planned and the residents of the township are very welcoming and friendly.

How many of us know about Binda Mela? Binda Mela is a fair that takes place in Ghatshila. Also acquiring an important place in Jharkhand tourism Binda Mela was originally started by the royal kings of Ghatshila. It takes place in the month of October and therefore is a must plan for the upcoming month. This festival is mostly celebrated by the santhals or tribal people of this region.

Apart from these, enthusiasts can also explore Burudi Lake, Rankani Temple, Dharagiri Falls, Naroa Forest, Surda Pahar and Mosaboni Copper Mines. Galudi is another attractive tourist spot located on the bank of river Subarnarekha. Dalma Range of Moubhandar is a unique spot of Ghatshila. Ranchi and Jamshedpur are also single day trip from Ghatshila.

Ghatshila: A Charming Place in Jharkhand

How to Reach: Ghatshila is one of the stations on the railway route from Kharagpur-Tatanagar. It is 215 km from Howrah and has proper connectivity to metro cities like Mumbai, Kolkata and New Delhi. Travellers from Mumbai can avail Bombay Express while Neelachal and Utkal Express can be taken from Delhi. There are many trains from Kolkata, Steel Express and Samleshwari Express are to name a few.

Travellers can also opt to come via road. Kolkata is at a distance of 240 km from Ghatshila. NH 6 from Kolkata leads to Bahragora and from there one has to seek the road to Jamshedpur. Innumerable buses running between Kharagpur and Jamshedpur will drop you at Ghatshila. Jamshedpur is 42 km away from Ghatshila if one is travelling through roadways.

Where to Stay: There are quite a few options to halt at Ghatshila. Lodges and hotels are readily available here. Bhibhuti Vihar is one of the hotels offering luxurious rooms with conference facilities. Tourists can also opt to halt near railway station. But make sure you do not miss out the exquisite Santhali handicrafts of Ghatshila.

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