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Ghastly Tale Of The Sanjay Van In South Delhi!

Written By: Srushti

The word "haunted" picks everybody's ear. Anything associated with the word suddenly becomes so intriguing. What is it about haunted places, objects and stories that lure us into wanting to know more? Isn't it ironic that we plan on an expedition to those haunted places simply because we cannot contain our curiosity? Well, here is just the place for those curious cats, who are all into spooky tales and adventure.

Sanjay Van is a city forest area which is located in South Delhi near Vasant Kunj. It is a densely wooded forest and is home to plenty of birds, making it a haven for nature lovers. It is stretched for over 3 sq km and has multiple points of entry and exit. There is no entry fee and the forest is open on all 7 days.

Visitors can take a stroll through the forest, especially during winters when the forest is at its thickest with vegetation. It is best to be dressed in full-length clothes in order to avoid being pricked by thorny bushes while taking a stroll.

sanjay van haunted stories

PC: Alan Manson

Apart from the trees, it is home to plenty of birds, therefore, it is also a perfect spot for bird watching. In fact, plans are being made to convert it into a bird sanctuary. Some of the birds found in Sanjay Van are Purple Sunbird, Indian Silverbill, Crested Honey Buzzard, Indian Paradise Flycatcher, to name a few.

Creepy Tales Of Sanjay Van

Apart from the mystifying trees and birds, numerous graves are also found near Sanjay Van. These graves are bordered with the ruins of Qila Rai Pithora, the city that was initially established in South Delhi. Even majaars (mausoleum) of some Sufi Saints can be found.

sanjay van haunted stories

PC: Varun Shiv Kapur

Now the myth here is that some people believe spirits actually live in these mausoleums and graves. During the night, many have heard either a child's cry or clawing and scratching noises coming right from the grave!

The Woman In A White Saree

However, that isn't even the spookiest story. Often a woman is said to be seen in the middle of the road that runs through the forest. She will either be waiting by the road or can be seen walking through the huge banyan trees nearby.

sanjay van haunted stories

PC: Pushpeshpant.10

Apparently, this woman who wears a white saree, waits by the road during the night and asks for a drop to those who travel through the forest. But the spooky part is that she disappears leaving absolutely no trace!! A few people riding two-wheelers have just ridden right through her! Some also have claimed to have seen her sitting in the middle of the road and just staring at the people with her cold and piercing stony eyes.

But at the same time, many who have been through the road deny the existence of any such woman. These people are completely sure that the stories were made up, but the ones who did witness her know how real she was! One cannot entirely slash out the spine-chilling experience retold by those who have seen her. Perhaps the truth can only be found out with a first-hand look at the forest!

Things To Do At Sanjay Van

The haunted tales are for the night. If horror stories are a big no-no to you, then visit the forest during the day when you can do a number of things. Visit the forest on a weekend and have fun hiking and relax in this nature's lap. It will be a pleasant break from the busy city life.

As previously mentioned, you may also come here for some quality bird-watching. Sanjay Van is perhaps the quickest escape into the world of birds. Neela Hauz Lake, is a serene green lake that has been restored recently. You can spend some peaceful and quality time by this lake as well.

sanjay van haunted stories

PC: Pushpeshpant.10

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