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We Bet You Didn't Know These Facts About Mysore Zoo!

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Two places strike our mind the moment we say 'Mysore', the erstwhile Mysore Palace and the Mysore Zoo! The first stop will always be the 'Mysore Zoo' as it attracts people of all age groups. How can we forget the giraffes who welcome us into the zoo? The excitement begins just as we enter through those big gates. Have you ever wondered about its creation and development over the years? To know it all, here are some awe-inspiring facts about Mysore Zoo which has pushed it to the top on Karnataka tourism chart.

Facts About Mysore Zoo

Photo Courtesy: Punithsureshgowda

The Palace Zoo to Mysore Zoo!

Once upon a time, this locality served as the summer palace of Maharaja Sri Chamaraja Wodeyar. In 1892, this region was converted into a zoo which was named as the Palace Zoo. Later, it was renamed as Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens.

Facts About Mysore Zoo

Mysore Zoo
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Krumbeigel's Magic

The Palace Zoo was primarily designed by the celebrated German botanist and garden designer, Gustav Hermann Krumbeigel. In fact, it was him who designed the famous Lalbagh Botanical Garden in Bengaluru.


Mysore Zoo is visited by lakhs of tourists every year. No doubt, Mysore Zoo is one of the best destinations in Karnataka.

More Than a Century!

Initially, the Mysore Zoo was built in a area of 10 acres but gradually it was increased to 45 acres. It is interesting how the destination has been improved over the years. Now Mysore Zoo is 124-years old and is still the most favourite destination in Mysore.

Facts About Mysore Zoo

Mysore Zoo
Photo Courtesy: Punithsureshgowda

Amazing Facts About Mysore

Karanji Lake: A Visual Treat

Karanji Lake got a new life-line when it was acquired by the Mysore Zoo. Now Karaji Lake is surrounded by 'walk-through aviary' and a butterfly park. For some years, Karanji Lake had turned into a sewage tank but it got a makeover. Three organisations namely Zoo Authority of Karnataka, Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development Finance Corporation and Asian Development Bank came together to preserve this site. Today, it is one of the happening places in the Mysore Zoo.

Facts About Mysore Zoo

Mysore Zoo
Photo Courtesy: www.mysore.nic.in

Exotic Experimentations!

Mysore Zoo has been a ground for several experimentations! Yes, when Mysore kings used to visit foreign countries they bought interesting animals like giraffes, orangutans, zebras and so on. It is said that some exotic animals such as red kangroos, African Black Rhino, Barbary Sheep, chimpanzees, etc. were brought to Mysore Zoo for breeding programmes. Earlier, it served as a huge experimental ground.

Hope you enjoyed reading these interesting facts about Mysore Zoo! Sri Chamaranjendra Zoological Gardens is a historical destination which is most-loved by all. Today, Mysore Zoo with animals such as elephants, zebras, giraffes, rhinoceros, tigers, baboons, cobras, crocodiles, anacondas and rich avifauna is one of the best places to visit in Mysore, Karnataka.

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