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Unique Facts about Bangalore Palace

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Bengaluru is not just about malls and IT companies, there is much more to it! It has come a long way to become what it is today. We often hear people ranting that Bengaluru doesn't have any place to hangout except Lalbagh, Cubbon Park and malls. Ofcourse, it is not true! When you keenly observe, there is a whole lot of historical heritage waiting to be explored. So, it is high time to stop complaining and start exploring this electrifying city.

 Facts about Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace
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Why not begin with one of the top landmarks of Bengaluru (Bangalore)? Yes, it is none other than the erstwhile Bangalore Palace which gives that royal touch to the city. Before that, have a look at these unique facts about Bangalore Palace which will inspire you for a visit!

Summer Retreat!

Bangalore Palace was the summer residence of Maharajas of Mysore. The sprawling property is now owned by the Mysore Royal Family.

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Built by a Reverend!

Bangalore Palace was built by Rev. J. Garrett who was the first principal of Central High School (Present Day Central College). It was the time when Mysore Kingdom was under the British and young Chamarajendra Wodeyar X was getting tutored by the British officials.

 Facts about Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace
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European Touch

One would feel the change in the ambiance and look of Bangalore Palace. It is built in the Tudor Style of Architecture which gives it an European feel.

Bought From the British

Maharaja Chamaraja Wodeyar bought the Bangalore Palace in 1884 AD. He also made several renovations in terms of décor and interior designing.

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Palace Grounds: A Hub!

The palace and its vast premises is spread across 453 acres. Today, Palace Grounds is known as a hub for many international events and cultural programmes. Over the years, several musical bands have performed in Palace Grounds. Famous international music bands like The Rolling Stones, Backstreet Boys, Metallica, Deep Purple, etc. have performed concerts at Palace Grounds. It was the Iron Maiden's concert which was called Eddfest that pulled around 38,000 people to the Palace Grounds. Hence, it is one of the happening spots for the Western Music lovers in the city.

 Facts about Bangalore Palace

Maharajas Courtyard
Photo Courtesy: John Hoey

Reopened For Public

Bangalore Palace was not open to public for many years. It was the previous King Srikanta Datta Wodeyar who re-opened it to the public. Now visitors can get a tour of the important parts of the palace. Public has to pay an entrance fee to enter the castle. There is a fee for cameras, video cameras and phones.

Exotic Interiors

Though Bangalore Palace is not as big as Mysore Palace, its interiors are exotic and interesting to explore. Chandeliers, unique artefacts, wooden staircases, lawns and furnitures give it a royal aura. Numerous painting stashed on the corridors and the museum displaying garments used by the Royals keep your attention.

Audio Guide at Bangalore Palace

Audio Guide gives authentic information about the palace. The 40 minute tour of the palace along with the audio guide is helpful in knowing about this heritage.

 Facts about Bangalore Palace

Durbar Hall
Photo Courtesy: John Hoey

Prime Attractions of Bangalore Palace

The facade of the palace reflects the grandeur. There is a feel of European architecture which draws you inside. Durbar Hall, the Ballroom, Maharaja's courtyard with a Spanish Bench, corridors adorned with portraits and gardens are the prime attractions in Bangalore Palace.

Stuffed Toys!

We are not talking about the toys! No, we are talking about the wildlife collections of King Chamaraja Wodeyar. He is said to have a penchant for hunting and killed many animals. The stuffed head of an elephant at the entrance is one of the collections from his hunting expeditions. Tables and vases made out of Elephant hide are some of the exotic antiques in the palaces.

Overall, a visit to Bangalore Palace is an enjoyable experience.

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