» »Trek in the majestic landscape of Harmukh peak !

Trek in the majestic landscape of Harmukh peak !

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How avid a trekker are you? Does the view of majestic hillocks and gigantic mountains electrify you? Then you should definitely tour this majestic landscape in the lap of the magnanimous Himalayas! The spectacular peak of Harmukh, situated in Ganderbal district of Himalayas, is a sublime part of the Himalayan ranges known for its scenic and astounding landscape.

Best trekking destinations near Srinagar

base camp for Harmukh peak trek PC : Aehsaan

At a height of 5,142 metres, Harmukh peak in Jammu and Kashmir is undoubtedly one of the best trekking destinations near Srinagar. One astonishing feature of the Harmukh peak is that it overlooks the majestic lake of Gangabal. The scenic landscape is a zenith of natural beauty. The view of the majestic Harmukh overlooking the calming and azure Gangabal is a sight worth exploring!

Trekking near the Gangabal lake!

Trekking near the Gangabal lake

Gangabal lake - PC : Mehrajmir13

Harmukh peak trek is undoubtedly one of the most enchanting high altitude treks in the Kashmir valleys. The impressive position of the majestic peak can be appreciated from afar as it dominates the lower Kashmir valley. The majestic ambience of the valley gives you an out-of-this-world feeling!

The tranquil ambience of the trek through these sprawling valleys is something one should experience first-hand to appreciate it! The brown and white coated Harmukh peak stands unwaveringly in backdrop of the alluringly azure waters of Gangabal.

Best trekking destinations near Srinagar

Gangabal Lake - PC : Mehrajmir13

Beautiful and azure lakes, Alpine forests and sprawling green meadows and valleys galore the picturesque landscape of Harmukh! The massive Harmukh towers over a chain of turquoise lakes and glistening glaciers atop the summit of this giant peak!

The tranquil and serene lakes of Gangabal and Nundkol provides a soothing ambience in this enthralling landscape. If you have been looking for some quality time to spend with oneself, this is the exact place where you need to be! If you savour this amazing view once in your life, it is pretty sure that the call of this magnanimous locale would keep on pursuing you from then on.

Best trekking destinations near Srinagar

Gangabal Lake - PC : Mehrajmir13

Harmukh peak trek would take you across the exclusive scenery of majestic Himalayan ranges, sprawling valleys coated with exotic and beautiful flowers and calming view of azure-green lakes. Travel to this scenic landscape of Harmukh to experience once in a lifetime trek through the exotic locales! Let us know your feedback after travelling to this one amongst the best trekking destinations near Srinagar!

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