» »World Photography Day 2021: Best Places To Capture Beautiful Shots For Newbie Photographers In Karnataka

World Photography Day 2021: Best Places To Capture Beautiful Shots For Newbie Photographers In Karnataka

Starting out as a photographer is both exciting and daunting. Exciting because you'll get to capture beautiful portraits, scenes, landscapes and brag about it, and daunting because at the start it will be difficult to find the perfect shooting locations.

Even if you end up finding the perfect locations, you'll end up self-loathing because the pictures may or may not come out good; setting up the perfect angle and camera settings will come to you with time. You'll take at least a month's time to develop that photographer's eye and develop the perfect shot and capture the perfect moments, but before you go ahead with that, try something simpler.

At the beginning of everything, things can look pretty overwhelming, so to avoid the brain freeze and all sorts of beginner's nervousness as a photographer, we have compiled a list of places that you can go to and shoot. And we promise you, you'll get the best pictures of all time.

In fact, you'll find the perfect settings and the perfect style for all your photographs. This will not only give you a boost but will also give you great photographs to add to your portfolio and show off later. So without further ado, here are 4 places in Karnataka to click some A-level shots for a beginner photographer.

This list is just for Karnataka, but if you'd like us to cover other places in India, leave a comment with your favourite state and we will make sure to cover those places too. So, this World Photography Day 2021, get your cameras ready and explore.

Hampi Temples

Hampi is a beauty of its own kind. The orange land with a tint of golden-yellow sky creates a perfect setting for landscape photographs. This is a perfect place to start off with your landscape shots. The temples set against the backdrop of coconut trees, the row of coconut trees paving the way to the temple and big giant orange boulders will give you enough details to start exploring your camera angles.

You can climb up to the temples and try to capture the beautiful sunset and sunrise. The magnificent sunset highlights the details of the village, turning the entire village into an orange illumination. You can get great shots here. Also, there is scope to experiment with orange and yellow lights.

The sunsets are so beautiful that even a picture taken from your mobile will stand out. So don't worry about the camera settings, just go out and shoot, shoot, shoot.

The Best Shots Advice: The main temple shot, climb up the boulders and try to shoot the landscape, the avenue outside the temple and the river.

Gokarna Beaches

photographic destinations in karnataka

Next comes the beach. The beach is the perfect background setting for a newbie photographer. Gokarna is relatively quiet compared to the beaches of Goa and Kerala, so you'll have ample of time to experiment without crowds of people disturbing you and cluttering your shots.

The beaches are clean and white sand with the fishermen's blue boats create a beautiful backdrop for your photography experiment. You'll have to get up early in case you want to capture the fishermen at work. You'll be able to take beautiful shots of the sea line from the rocks of Om Beach in Gokarna.

You can also head to Paradise Beach which is even quiet. This beach is perfect for a newbie photographer who does not want to rush and wants to take their own sweet time. The beach gives ample of perfect locations for beautiful pictures.

There is a patch of land filled with coconut trees. A lot of foreigners put hammocks around these trees. The red, green and yellow hammocks against the setting of the yellow sand and the blue sea create a beautiful shot. There are also rocky terrains at the beach which you can try clicking.

In all, you will have one hell of a time going through the wilderness and clicking the tranquil blue sea.

The Best Shots Advice: Om Beach, trail from Om Beach to Paradise Beach, palm trees at Paradise Beach.

Badami Caves

Another beautiful location to start out as a newbie photographer is Badami. Badami caves are set further ahead of Hampi and are 100 years old. If you are feeling adventures after exploring and shooting Hampi, you can head to Badami caves to click pictures of thousand-year-old caves set against green algae water.

The interiors of the caves display brilliant artistic craftsmanship. The detailed pillars and carved out faces of the idols are perfect for your first-ever postcards. The caves are set against a green lake. The brown and blackish caves which look like a big mass of rock give some promising pictures.

You won't be able to get enough of the carved-out gods and goddesses. Even the wide view is beautiful. Plus, after Hampi's boulders and Gokarna, you'll need another unique and different location to explore your photography hand.

The Best Shots Advice: The lake view, landscape view of the caves, interiors of the caves.

Irupu Falls

photographic destinations in karnataka

Next on the list is Irupu Falls. It is for those who would like to experiment with motion shots. So if you have a GoPro, which is the perfect camera for recording moving objects, you'll have the best time of your life. Even if you don't have a GoPro, don't worry, you can just use your DSLR and mirrorless camera to capture the beautiful fall.

It is a touristic location so we advise you go early if you want to take shots without an unwanted crowd in them. Going there early also opens the space to try out different angles since there won't be any crowd and you'll have enough space to set up your tripod and capture the fall from different locations.

The Best Shots Advice: Landscape view of the waterfall, the tiny bridge, the top -angle view of the waterfall.

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