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6 Convincing Reasons to Visit Goa this Monsoon!

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Goa is one of the best tourist destinations in India. Getting sun-bathed at the beaches, having great parties and enjoying with your friends are as exciting as they sound. How about getting drenched by the shores of a silent beach? Can it get better than a romantic date by the beach with not many people around?

Yes, a trip to Goa during monsoons has its benefits. Apart from having the privilege of privacy in a popular tourist destination, there are other reasons too that would prompt you to travel to Goa during the rainy season. Let's have a look at some of the reasons to visit Goa this monsoon!

1. Travel Cheap!

The flight tickets are cheap during monsoons. You can book your tickets for as cheap as half the rates that you pay during peak seasons! Now, isn't that cool?!

2. World Class Accommodation at Budget Rates

Not just the flight tickets, even the hotels and other stay options are cheaper here during monsoons. As the crowd would be less and the rooms would be cheaper, it would be a great idea to go for luxury stay options too, as you can get real good deals at budget rates!


The beaches are not crowded during monsoons
Photo Courtesy: R Singh 

3. Stay Crazy, No One's Watching!

The best part of travelling to the pristine beaches of Goa during monsoons is that the beaches would be relatively silent and empty, giving you the space you need. Take a stroll by the beach with your loved one or get crazy with the love of your life. You're not being stared at, the beach is all yours!

Goan fish curry

Goan fish curry
Photo Courtesy: Joel's Goa Pics 

4. Feast on Fish!

Are you a foodie? Goa is a great place for food, especially sea food. Though food fish is available during every season here, monsoons are the best time to get fresh fish.

5. Enjoy The Rains!

Ever felt like walking in the rain? Wouldn't that be perfect if you're strolling by the seashore as it drizzles? Rainy seasons are beautiful in Goa. Enjoy the breeze, the dark clouds, the drizzle and the waves!

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls in Goa
Photo Courtesy: Kumaresh Rajarajan 

6. Watch Dudhsagar Waterfalls at its Best!

Dudhsagar waterfalls is one sight that is not to be missed on your trip to Goa. When it's monsoon, the lush greenery and the gushing falls making it a breathtaking sight to marvel. Get drenched in nature!

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