» »These Waterfalls Near Mysore Are Gushing Down To A Euphoric World

These Waterfalls Near Mysore Are Gushing Down To A Euphoric World

How about leaving behind the ancient monuments of Mysore this season and exploring its beautiful surroundings sprawling in the form of waterfalls and forests? If you would love to spend your weekend amid lush green expanses, then this article is all you need to read. Here, we list down the top 5 waterfalls which are easily accessible from Mysore and make for idyllic weekend excursions. These natural beauties are characterised by their serene and tranquil aura.

Therefore, they are perfect spots to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Wouldn't you love to find yourself in the midst of a euphonious environment? If yes, then read on to know more about these mesmerising waterfalls.

1) Chelavara Falls

1) Chelavara Falls

PC- Siddarth.P.Raj

Distance From Mysore - 125 km

Located in the vicinity of Cheyyandane village at a distance of about 20 km from Virajpet, Chelavara Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the region. As it is popular amongst local tourists only, you can comfortably explore its majesty without getting disturbed by the tourist crowd.

However, you need to be aware of the pond which has formed at the base of the waterfall. During the monsoon season, the pond gets filled with the rainwater up to the brim, and therefore, it becomes dangerous to take a bath in it.

As of now, more than 15 deaths have been reported here. So, you need to be very careful while stepping into the pond for a bath. The waterfall is located on a tributary of the Kaveri river deep inside the forest expanse, and hence makes for a perfect spot to savour the raw beauty of nature.

2) Chunchanakatte Falls

2) Chunchanakatte Falls

PC- Sreehari p.v

Distance From Mysore - 56 km

Another beauty located on the Kaveri river, Chunchanakatte Falls is a must-visit destination for every traveller not only on account of its natural beauty but also due to its spiritual aura. The presence of Kodanda Rama Temple in its vicinity has made it a popular weekend getaway.

Here, on one hand, you can take a soothing bath in the waters of Chunchanakatte Falls and on the other hand, you can sit down and relax in the divine atmosphere of the Kodanda Rama Temple. Well, wouldn't that revitalise you?

If yes, then add this enthralling beauty to your bucket list. It falls from a height of about 70 ft and is about 350 ft wide. Do you know the region around the waterfall is also the place where Lord Rama stayed with Goddess Sita and Lord Lakshman during his exile?

3) Mallali Falls

3) Mallali Falls

PC- Shanmugamp7

Distance From Mysore - 135 km

Lying in the course of the Kumaradhara river, Mallali Falls gushes down the rocky terrains and the lush vegetation of the Western Ghats and forms a photogenic frame. Therefore, it must be savoured and captured by every nature lover and photographer.

It is one of the highest waterfalls in the region. If you are looking forward to finding yourself in a serene environment where you can listen to the melodious tune of the waterfall and feel the refreshing cool breeze, then you cannot find a better option than Mallali Falls. From couples to families, it is frequented by every type of tourist.

4) Shivanasamudra Falls

4) Shivanasamudra Falls

PC- Goutamsubudhi

Distance From Mysore - 78 km

No wonder the Kaveri river is one of the most significant rivers in South India. Apart from catering to the water needs of cities and towns, it also nurtures several beautiful waterfalls and lakes. One of these beauties includes the Shivanasamudra Falls. It is split into two falls, namely Gaganachukki Falls, the western branch, and Bharachukki Falls, the eastern branch.

Being a perennial fall, it remains crowded with tourists throughout the year. However, if you desire to witness the best of charming water cascade, then it is advisable to visit it during the monsoon season when it wakes up in full glory. Believe us, it will certainly amaze you to the core.

5) Chunchi Falls

5) Chunchi Falls

PC- Mishrasasmita

Distance From Mysore - 102 km

Another place where Lord Rama stayed during his exile, Chunchi Falls is located on the Arkavathi river and is a perfect spot to spend a relaxing weekend with your friends, family and relatives. Surrounded by thick greenery and lush vegetation, it maintains a composed environment, which will certainly help you feel the essence of calmness. So, what do you think about a visit to this commendable beauty where you can get lost in a surreal world?

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