Shenbagathoppu Giant Squirrel Sanctuary, Srivilliputhur

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The Shenbagathoppu giant squirrel sanctuary has been established to protect the grizzled giant squirrel. The place is located near the temple town of Srivilliputhur and is also situated in south of the famous Palghat Gap. Moreover this place is considered by the people of the State as one of the best reserved forest areas. There are a lot of animals that can be seen in the sanctuary but this sanctuary is more famous for the giant squirrels.

This is perhaps one of the endangered species in the entire India and the emphasis to protect this type of endangered species has resulted in the birth of such a beautiful sanctuary. The sanctuary authorities are very careful as it's difficult to preserve wildlife. Certain measures are being taken and there are a few ideas that would be implemented by them in the near future. Children do love the spot.

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