Pennington Public Library, Srivilliputhur

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There are very few places in the temple town of Sriviliputhur which is as famous as the Penington Public Library. It is considered as one of the oldest libraries in the town and has played a vital role in educating the people of Srivilliputhur. The wide range of books and gazettes has been helpful to a lot of people. Moreover there are many who come from distant places in search of Government gazettes from the year 1952. This is perhaps one of the greatest achievements that a few libraries in the state have.

Moreover the authorities in the library always maintain a very relaxed atmosphere with the readers as they try to provide the maximum facilities in order to attain complete education. It is true that this library is a private library and it has been established in the year 1875. The library has been able to benefit the people of Srivilliputhur over the years.

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