Jama Masjid, Srirangapatna

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Jama Masjid, popularly known as Masjid-e-Ala, is a 'must visit' site located in Srirangapatna. This mosque was constructed by Tipu Sultan in the year 1784 after he claimed Mysore. It is also believed that Tipu Sultan performed the first imamath himself in this mosque.

This monument is considered as one of the favourite spots of Tipu Sultan. A two storied masjid, it has a rare small dome of white colour, along with predominant towers and two minarets. The masjid also has a ticktocking clock that is said to be 97 years old and still working. On the western side, the verandah covers the prayer hall of this mosque with a 'Mihrab'.

With an open court in the front, the masjid stands upon an elevated basement. Domes are placed on the two octagonal minarets that are lined with pigeon-holes. A spectacular aerial view of the surrounding areas can be enjoyed from the top of the minarets, which can be reached after a climb of 200 steps.

It is said that Late Abdul Hafeez Junaidi was the only imam at the masjid and had been praying since 50 years. Tourists can see an inscription that has ninety-nine names of Allah imprinted. A madrasa, a religious institution, is located within the premises of the mosque.

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