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Kigga, Sringeri


If time allows, tourists are recommended a visit to Kigga Village that is located at a distance of 10 km from Sringeri. This village is known for its beautiful landscapes and the trekking route that directs towards Narasimha Parvatha peak. The ancient temple dedicated to Saint Rishyasringa is a major tourist attraction of Kigga.

The pilgrimage site found here had been constructed by using granite. Upon reaching this temple, tourists would get the chance to see a Shivalingam of around 4-5 ft height with a horn on the head.

Kigga acts as the ideal site for tourists interested in undertaking activities like rock climbing, hiking, trekking and camping. Tourists can also visit the Ashram of Rishi Vasishtha and Sirimane Falls that are located in this village.