Sri Trivikrama Temple, Sonda

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Sri Trivikrama Temple is one of the prime attractions of the small village named Sonda. It is believed that this temple was built for Rama Trivikrama Devaru by Arasappa Nayaka and shrine was carried by Sri Bhuta Raja for Sri Vadiraja Tîrtha from Badarikashrama. On his journey to the South, he fought some demons, whom he killed with a chariot wheel. Even today, tourists can only see 3 wheels of chariot.

A beautiful statue of Lord Thrivikrama present in the sanctum sanctorum, a chariot and Sri Lakshmi Devi statue in the chariot are the three parts of this shrine. At the southern side of the shrine are engravings detailing the sanctioning of this land by Arasappa Nayaka, along with other related events.

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