Velapur, Solapur

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Velapur is a small village located close to the district of Solapur, about 32 km away from Pandharpur.The village has a very famous temple of historical importance situated towards the north east. It has been constructed in the Hemandpathi style of architecture and resonates ancient beauty.

The temple houses close to twenty stone memorials alongside its shrine. The Hara-Nareshwara temple is yet another temple in the nearby vicinity which is a major attraction. This place of worship leads you down a flight of steps – all riddled with inscriptions – to a square water tank.

The village is otherwise replete with old structures and buildings that provide a peek into the cultural lifestyle of the people who lived here centuries ago.Velapur is easily accessible from the Solapur city via local buses, or the Solapur railway station.

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