Siddheshwar Temple, Solapur

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The Siddheshwar Temple is an iconic temple situated in the middle of a beautiful lake and is surrounded by water on all sides. It is ranked as the most picturesque tourist spots in the entire city of Solapur.

The temple was constructed by Sri Mallikarjuna’s devoted disciple. Sri Mallikarjuna belonged to Srisailam, from Shri Siddharamehswar. The idol of Siddheshwar signifies the holy incarnation of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu who went by the same name.

The lake that the temple is located upon is the Siddheshwar Lake and consists of three gates that allow you to enter the courtyard on the inside of the temple. Nearby lies a luscious green garden that houses a small shrine dedicated to Saint Nalatwad. The temple complex also accommodates a few shrines built in worship of Lord Vithoba and Goddess Rukmini.

The temple is worth at least one visit while you’re in Solapur.

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