Naldurg, Solapur

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The fort of Naldurg is located about 45 km away from Solapur and is a famous historic monument. It is located in the Osmanabad District in the state of Maharashtra. The fort was earlier called Yeral, when it belonged to the Bahmani Sultans before it was passed on to the Mughal Empire.

The Naldurg fort is especially famous for its pretty waterfalls, commonly known as Nar and Madi – that translates to Male and Female in the local language. The view of these waterfalls is at its scenic best during the monsoons or the post monsoon period when they are in full swell, cascading down the lovely mountains.

The fort itself is a historic wonder, depicting a classic Indo – Islamic style of architecture. This style of architecture is extremely unique and unheard of amidst the bevy of forts that are scattered all across Maharashtra.

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