Asar Mahal, Solapur

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The Asar Mahal served as the Hall of Justice for the reigning kingdom then. Constructed under the guidance of Mohammed Adil Shah, it was set up in 1646. The monument dates back to almost three and half centuries back.

Apart from the Hall of Justice, Asar Mahal also served as a unique place to preserve the hair that came from the Prophet’s beard. The entire monument is very exquisitely made with fine attention paid to every little detail. The upper storey of the building is adorned with amazing frescoes paintings.

The festival of Urs was organized and celebrated annually at this very place. The front porch of the site is home to a square tank – a place that was barred for the royal women. There are three large tanks placed here – the largest of which is almost 15 feet deep.

The other two tanks are smaller in dimensions and depth in comparison. Behind the historic monument of the Asar Mahal, one can still witness the remains of the old mosque on top of a citadel wall. The mosque consists of a grand entrance while the entire place is made in stone that holds plenty inscriptions on each one of them.

It is about a kilometre away from here. The Asar Mahal is currently maintained under the Archaeological Survey of India.

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