Gol Gumbad, Solapur

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The Gol Gumbad is a part of the village of Bijapur, about a hundred kilometres away from Solapur city. It is a highly prominent part of the ancient cultural history of India because of its architectural significance.Gol Gumbad literally translates to a ‘Rose Dome’ and draws its reference from the lotus and rose petals that surrounded the base of the dome, making it resemble as a budding flower itself.It is basically a mausoleum built in memory of Mohammed Adil Shah, the then Sultan of Bijapur, and was built in 1656 by Yaqut of Dabul – a noted architect of that time.

The tomb is sprawled over an enormous area of 18,000 sq. feet and boasts of one of the largest and most luxurious chamber spaces in the entire world.The Whispering Gallery found inside the monument is an exciting place where even the softest made sound can be heard on the Mausolem’s other side due to its architectural brilliance that shrewdly took care of the acoustics of the place.The simplicity of the tomb’s structure catches your eye instantly. It was regarded as the ‘structural triumph of Deccan architecture’.

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