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The Solapur Municipal Council is a reason for pride amongst the citizens of the district of Solapur.

Solapur is credited to be the one and only city in the entire country of India to have enjoyed our independence freedom for a three whole days way back in 1930 – long before India got its independence from the British.

That was the period during which the Solapur Municipal Council went on to become the very first Municipal Council in India. The Council also hosted the Indian National Flag for those three days on the Municipal Corporation Building in the year 1930.

This was a result of the initiation carried out in 1930 at the hands of Mahatma Gandhi – the father of our nation – who led several freedom followers who belonged to this very city of Solapur.

The heart of the Solapur city is home to a host of statues erected in the memory of these freedom fighters. The famous Hutatma Chowk found here represents the Martyr’s memorial.

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