Shri Dahigaun Tirth, Solapur

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The Shri Dahigaun Tirth - like the Tirths mentioned in the Tuljapur village – is a popular Jain pilgrim destination that lies in a village that goes by the same name, within Solapur District.

This worship centre is revered for a 244 cm high black coloured idol of Lord Bhagwan Mahavir. The idol can be seen seated in a Padmasana position. One can also observe the holy footprints of Mahattisagarji Maharaj Saheb that dates back to the Vikram era in the year 1889.

The temple walls are ornately decorated and wonderfully done. There are exquisite paintings that are hung on these ancient old walls, with a special oil painting of Digmabar Acharyas.

The legend behind the Tirth claims that believers and devotees get rid of all their agonies and curses here because of the Mahattasagarji ardently meditating for them.

The Tirth centre is easily reachable by hiking a bus from the Solapur bus or railway station.

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