Sant Damaji of Mangalwedha, Solapur

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The Sant Damaji of Mangalwedha is a famous temple made in dedication to the great saint – Shri Sant Damaji. The temple is settled in the Mangaldwedha city near the district of Solapur, about 55 km away westwards and around 25 km away from the holy destination of Pandharpur.

The Mangalwedha village is popularly known as the ‘Land of Saints’. The reason behind this is that during the 14th Century, this place was home to a whole lot of saints like Sant Kanhopatra, Sant Damaji, Sant Gopabai and Sant Gadgebaba.

The Laxmi Dahiwadi is also situated in the Mangalwedha village and is home to a temple devoted to Goddess Laxmi – the Hindu Goddess or Money and Prosperity. Due ti their abundant milk production, this small village sold Dahi – curd – in the neighbouring villages. That is the amusing way in which the village came to be known as Laxmi Dawhiwadi.

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