Nannaj - Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary, Solapur

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Nannaj is also popularly known as the Great Indian Bustard and was popularly identified by B. S. Kulkarni back n 1971. It is a tourist hotspot in the district of Solapur given the sprawling sanctuary it is home to and also identifies itself as an International Tourist Centre.

The local name of the Great Indian Bustard is the Maldhok, and is an extremely rare bird. It is a huge, white and brown bird that normally thrives in arid and semi-arid grasslands. The male Bustard is about 122cm in length while the female is much smaller, at around 92 cm.

The sanctuary is sprawled over a massive area of about 8,500 sq. km. A Muslim fort, built in the 14th Century can be found in the sanctuary. The Great Indian Bustard, the Common Mongoose, the Indian Fox, the Hyena, the Blackbuck and the wolf are the many animals found within the precincts of the sanctuary.


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