Kudal Sangam, Solapur

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Kudal Sangam is a pilgrim centre of prime historic prominence. It is located on the banks of the rivers Sina and Bhim and is one of the best sites in the area of the district of Solapur. The history of this place goes back to as much as eight hundred years.

Kudal Sangam is home to the oldest temple whose construction is inspired from the Hemandpathi style of architecture. The Lingam found in this place is unique in nature and not found anywhere else in India.

The Kudal Sangam Development Board has been set up by the Government to aid in the development of this spot into a pilgrim centre. The Naldurg forts, along with the Nar and Madi waterfalls are placed nearby.

The famous rivers of Krishna and Ghatprabha coalesce here and flow towards yet another historic spot – Srisaila.Kudal Sangam has Oldest Hemad Panthi mandir. The Lingam at Kudal is unique and is not found any ever. Basveshwara Lived in Kudal Sangam.

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