Karmala, Solapur

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The Karmala village is home to several religiously significant temples. Along with Barshi and Mangalwedha, these three places historically had several saints residing here who gave rise to these places of worship.

The temple architecture in Karmala is unique in its style. One of the temples found here is significantly attached to the number 96. The structure is not only built with 96 pillars and accommodates 96 pictures displayed within it, but the steps that lead you to the gates of the temple are 96 as well.

The Kamala Bhawani Temple situated here is one of the most prominent temples Karmala is famous for. Constructed in 1727 by Rao Raje Nimbhalkar, this temple is dedicated to Goddess Kamaladevi and is styled keeping the Hemandpathi style of architecture in mind.

The festivals of Navratri and Kartik Poornima especially see an increase in the pilgrim crowd here as devotees throng the vicinity to seek the Goddess’ blessings.

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