Bhuikot Fort, Solapur

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The Bhuikot Fort is a major attraction around Solapur. It was built during the period of rule under the Bahamani Dynasty in the medieval times – the 14th Century A.D. to be precise. History has it that Aurangzeb spent quite some time in this very fort. Once it was handed over to the Peshwas, Bajirao II too resided over here.The fort is popular for its Animal Park that is home to several animals like the duck, the peacock, the rabbit and the monkey, amongst many others. Children will enjoy the plenty amusement facilities that are available here.This locale is ideal to spend some quiet time with your family gazing at the rabbits or simply viewing the picturesque locale.There is a nearby well that is octagonal in shape and is also as dated as the Bhuikot Fort.

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