Bhagwant Temple, Solapur

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The Bhagwant Temple is situated in the district of Solapur, in the headquarters of Barshi. This temple is believed to be the only temple in India that is built in dedication to Lord Vishnu – the Hindu God – in the name of Bhagwant.

This temple is extremely ancient and was constructed in 1245, almost 800 years back, in 1245. The style of architecture observed here is the classic Hemandpathi style, which can be noticed in most of the temples belonging to that area in India.

This temple is unique in a way that it has four separate entrance doors for all the four directions. The main entrance however faces east.The idol of the deity Vishnu is depicted in black stone and has a chakra, a gadha and a shankh in his hands. One can see the idol of his wife, Goddess Lakshmi and a Shiva Linga in the temple too. The impressions of the saint Bhrigu Rishi’s footsteps have been preserved as well.

The Dhoop aarti, the Kakada Aarti and the Mahapuja Dhoop Aarti are a few pujas that are performed daily here. Ashadi and Kartik Ekadashi are the main festivals that are celebrated here with much aplomb.

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