Bara Kaman, Solapur

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The Bara Kaman is a mausoleum that was built in 1672. It was earlier known as Ali Roza. However, once Shah Nawab took over the region of Solapur, he renamed it to Bara Kaman. The reason behind this name is that Bara Kaman was that it was the twelfth monument built under his reign.

The Bara Kaman has seven arches, while the tomb located within consists of the graves of Ali, his several queens along with eleven other females who presumably belonged to the queens’ Zenana.

The Jumma Mosque, the Jal Manzil and the Sat Mazil are a few other attractions in this area that should be given a visit.

The Elavia House – named after Nauzer Elavia - nearby is more than a century old and worth a look.

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