Saint Baba Bihari Samadhi, Sirsa

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Samadhis are generally square or rectangular platforms dedicated to the memory of the saints and sages. They are built with stones or bricks and contain the ashes or remains of the great departed souls. They also bear their photographs or statues and inscriptions briefly describing their life and work.

One such Samadhi dedicated to the memory of Saint Baba Bihari is located on Rania road in the western part of the city of Sirsa, quite close to the main city. The premises where the Samadhi is built also houses a beautiful garden or vatika and a temple.

The Samadhi hosts a bhandara or free food festival on the first of January every year. The festival hosts a number of cultural and recreational activities including musical concerts, dances, sports, theatrical performances, poetry recitations, shopping, a variety of delicious local and regional foods besides, of course, prayer meetings. The festival offers everything for members of every age group and therefore attracts a huge number of visitors.

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