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Gurudwara Guru Gobind Singh, Chormar Khera (Tehsil Dabwali), Sirsa

The sight of a gurudwara, the house of God, evokes a deep reverence amongst not only the Sikhs, but also Hindus and Muslims. A visit to the gurudwara and obeisance before the holy Guru Granth Sahib fills the devotees with a sense of deep peace and bliss.

Gurudwaras have been built not only in the big cities, towns and villages in India, but in almost all the major countries across the world. Where there are Sikhs and Punjabis, there is bound to be a gurudwara.

Gurudwaras have been particularly built on places which are related to the gurus for their visits, sermons, activities, miracles or sacrifices. These places have acquired historical and religious significance for the Sikhs.

Continuing this tradition, the habitants of village Chormar Khera in district Sirsa have built a gurudwara because the tenth Guru Gobind Singh spent a night here. The big and magnificent shrine is built over an area of eight acres. There is a tank with a separate enclosure for ladies to take a holy dip. The gurudwara also houses a small museum and a library.


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