Dera Sufi Saint Baba Bhuman, Sirsa

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As the name suggests, the dera or the habitat, has been built in the sacred memory of the great Sufi Saint Baba Bhuman. It is located in Sangar Sadan in Sirsa district in Haryana. Most followers of the dera belong to Kamboj community since Baba Bhuman was born in a Kamboj family.

Baba Bhuman Shah, commonly known as just Baba Bhuman, was one of the prominent Udasi saints of India. He was born on 14th April, 1687 in Beholpur village in district Okara now in Pakistan. His name was Bhumia. His parents were deeply devoted to Guru Nanak as well as Baba Sri Chand of Udasi Panth or sect.

Deeply religious minded by birth, the baba was initiated into the Udasi Panth by Baba Priam Das of Pakpattan at the age of 14 years and was given the name of Baba Bhuman Shah.

He started giving sermons of peace and brotherhood which were accompanied by kirtans and langer-free food. It is believed that the tenth guru of Sikhs, Shri Guru Govind Singh blessed him saying that his langar would continue to flourish, and it would never face any shortage. Baba died in 1762, but his legacy was carried on by a succession of mahants or religious chieftains.

Post partition of the country, the followers of Baba Bhuman set up their dera in Sirsa where they continue to follow in the footsteps of their guru.

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