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  • 01ISKCON Temple

    ISKCON Temple

    For decades the International Society for Krishna Consciousness has attracted pilgrims from the world over. The centre at Siliguri is unlike any other centre in the world, nestled in the midst of plush greenery with the perfect setting to offer for some outdoor meditation. One must not miss out on this spiritual experience, which transcends realms and brings you closer to the understanding of true inner strength.

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  • 02Coronation Bridge

    If one is at the Kali Mandir at Sevokeshwar you can’t miss the Coronation Bridge built to commemorate King George back in 1930. It is built right over the place of union of the rivers Teesta and Rangeet. The views this bridge offers set against the plush green surroundings are worth a visit.

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  • 03Salugara Monastery

    Salugara Monastery

    Famous for it’s 100-foot stupa this monastery is run my Buddhist Monks who are followers of the Dalai Lama. It’s an authentic Tibetan monastery and an afternoon spent here exposes you to ideas and knowledge that could change your outlook. It’s a great way to look into the lives of Tibetan Buddhist Monks and their ways and methods which are far different from the average city or town dweller.

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  • 04Kali Mandir Sevokeshwari

    Kali Mandir Sevokeshwari

    The Temple at Binnaguri dedicated to the Goddess Kali is very close to the river Teesta and frequented by tourists especially during Kali and Durga Puja. The beauty of the idol at this temple has got the attention of a lot of pilgrims for the stunning armour and swords the Goddess is adorned by.

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  • 05Science City

    Science City

    For kids and adults who are fascinated with science and more so the stars and planets, this is the place to be. Science City in Siliguri takes you through a brilliantly laid out planetarium presentation and also features a Nature Interpretation Center. It’s a perfect fun cum educational outing and a winner with tourists travelling with kids.

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  • 06Umrao Singh Boat Club

    Umrao Singh Boat Club

    This is a lake in the middle of lush tree plantations with a boat club to go with it. The Indian Army has done a great job by building and maintaining this boat club and offers short afternoon adventures, especially for tourists with kids. It’s an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon while enjoying the cool, clean breeze.

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  • 07Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary

    Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary

    Nestled between the rivers Teesta and Mahananda this place is a photographer’s dream canvas and offers a brilliant wildlife experience. It’s the perfect place to pitch a tent on the foothills of the Himalayas and enjoy the cold, clean breeze over a bonfire.

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