Sri Pachrai Theertha, Shivpuri

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Sri Pachrai Theertha is a Jain Temple. The Pachrai village is a charming village with numerous religious places of worship each with more devotees than the next. Of the innumerable temples, the temples are worth a special mention are Sri Pachrai Teerth and Shri Panihar Barai Khaniaghan Teerth.

The Panihar bathing ghat sees countless devotees take a dip in its water to cleanse their souls of sins. The bathing ritual is the first leg of most religious pilgrimages and the Panihar bathing ghat is the first stop on a pilgrimage that takes one through the temples of the area.

Sri Pachrai Teertha is dedicated to Bhagwan Sheetalnath. The idol of Bhagwan Sheetalnath within the sanctum sanctorum of the temple is a magnificent idol of mammoth proportions. The idol measures 375 centimeters high and is proportioned beautifully. The sheer height of the idol makes for a formidable sight. The idol is believed to have supernatural powers.


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